Tanz Farm

A Performance Anthology

Spring FEED Conversation

  • Warhorse 1200 Foster Street NW Atlanta GA 30318

Discourse & Art/Criticism in ATL

Please join us for a continuation of last month's FEED 

*Let's talk about the small picture. 

What is the best web infrastructure for fostering responsive arts journalism that encourages substantial conversations between writers and readers? Are there artists who do not wish to be included in publications that lack diversity and reach? 

Lets talk about atlanta's growing pool of artists as critics. Critique as performance. What makes a good critic today. can atlanta make them? What makes a good artist today. can atlanta make them?

These are a few things we are thinking about at Tanz Farm.

Tanz Farm corrals Atlanta's artists, activists, writers and producers centered in the vanguard to-do and the practical demands of a still-evolving terrain of culture publishing. Wine and discussion could easily flow into the absence of judgement. 

FEED is organized by Tanz Farm: a contemporary anthology collaboration of glo and The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Tanz Farm Season IV

October 2015- May 2016

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Moderated by: Angela Bortone, Maggie Davis, Edward Hall, Pastiche Lumumba, Amanda Mills

Warhorse Cafe'

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