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Tanz Pleasure SHOP

  • The Goat Farm Arts Center - Corner Studio 1200 Foster Street Northwest Atlanta, GA, 30318 United States

Tanz Farm Pleasure Dance SHOP

With Japanese-born dancer and choreographer Eiko, and Atlanta artists and cultivators.

Wednesday March 22
12pm - 2pm
free and public

Named "Best Dance" by the New York Times 2016 Year in Review, Eiko is a MacArthur Genuis and Guggenheim Fellow. Her work has been presented world-wide, including Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Whitney Museum, and the Walker Center. 

"Artist as Migrant" is part of Eiko's Tanz Farm residency that includes multiple performance installations in Midtown Atlanta, and pleasure dance SHOPS on the Goat Farm.

Eiko’s residency at Tanz Farm was made possible in part with support from the Japan Foundation, New York and its Performing Arts JAPAN program.

A glo Goat Farm collaboration
for more information: info@tanzfarm.com

September 7
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